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Meet USINTEC: Dr. Syahrial Bakhtiar 

with Jackie

Dr. Bakhtiar with his former adviser during “Sandwich program” and now his long term collaborator, Dr. Goodway


Could you share you educational and professional background?

I completed my undergraduate from Padang Teacher Training Institute (IKIP Padang, now Padang State University/UNP)  and I pursued my masters program in sport education in Jakarta Teacher Training Institute (IKIP Jakarta, now Jakarta State University). I graduated from my doctoral degree in my alma mater, Padang State University.   Right now, I am the vice rector/president III for student life of Padang State University (UNP).

What is your greatest challenge as the vice rector for student life?

Students have great tendency to join classes only and ignore student life activities such as doing sports. As we believe that those extracurricular activities are very important in character building, leadership, and other life skills development, it is my main duty as the vice rector for student life to encourage students to participate in those activities.

Aside from your activities in the university, it seems that you are also very active in social activities. Could you also share about that?

Sports are always my passion. In addition to my intellectual journey as a university professor in this fields, I had worked full time for nine years as a tennis coach both for state and national levels. I am a certified coach of level 1 from the International Tennis Federation. Since 2009, I have been elected as the chairman of the Olympic Committee of the State of West Sumatera.

 What are your research interests?

My main research is related to sport science, specifically in motoric development and sport management.

 Does that research interest connect you with the Ohio State University?

Exactly, it does! My personal connection and, even, the present institutional connection between UNP and OSU was initiated by my participation of “sandwich program” in 2009. The program has tremendously influenced not only my intellectual journey as a PhD student from Indonesia but also my later career as a professor. I was amazed by how Dr. Jackie Goodway assisted me in finishing my dissertation. Not only did she give me relevant literature, she also guided me in developing research instrument which I had not met in Indonesia before. Well, motoric development was a new research area in Indonesia and I feel really lucky to be advised by a prolific researcher like her.

Since then, our relationship has got stronger, not simply between an advisor and advisee, but to our institutions. As I was the dean in my college, I invited her as key note speakers to several international conferences so that we can disseminate her research to broader audience. I could also convince the Indonesian ministry of youth and sports how important Dr. Goodway’s research in developing Indonesia capacity in sport education is. The ministry really appreciated her work by inviting her as key note speakers for series of seminars and workshops. Last but not least, Dr. Goodway is also advising one of faculties in our department, Ruri Familia in her PhD program. By so doing, I believe that the cooperation will be more robust in the future.

 In your visit to the Ohio State this month, what is your plan?

It is an honor that Prof. Faisal Abdullah, the deputy minister of youth and sports, is going with me to the Ohio State. The ministry is really enthusiastic about the program so that they send us to have a site visit and learn more about motoric development and sport advancement.

 What do you expect in developing cooperation based on mutual benefits in the scheme of USINTEC?

I do hope that my pioneering work will grow, especially in institutional level. One point that Indonesia is still left behind is our physical education (PE) teachers’ qualification and professionalism. I do hope that USINTEC could assist in developing this cooperation.



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