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Interview with Dr. David Stein

IMG_0497   11233190_886842104690615_921444466184575926_o                          Dr. Stein at Universitas Islam As-Syafi’iyah

What is your educational background?

I have two master’s degrees, one from Rochester University in Education and the other from the University of Cincinnati in Health Sciences. I received my doctorate (Ph.D.) from University of Michigan in Post-Secondary Education where my research focused on how adults or post-secondary students learn online technologies.

Was this your first time in Indonesia?

No, I was actually in Indonesia for the first time last December as part of the HELM project. Like this trip I travelled to several universities to give workshops and establish partnerships like UIM, UPI, IPB, and Padang University.

What was your purpose in going?

After my first visit on the HELM project, some of the people I met wanted me to go back to possibly continue doing workshops. Later Dr. Adrian Rodgers met some of these people and said USINTEC would aid me in going to Indonesia again. And while I am there why don’t I represent OSU and go to even more universities. So the main reason I was there was to help these universities in Indonesia in technology use. Even though the way they do things is not like us in America at all, I was impressed on the university level of the technology they did have and they have a lot of potential. Another reason was so some new relationships with OSU and other universities both in Indonesia and the Philippines could be formed or strengthened.

Where did you go? What did you do there?

I started in Yogyakarta at UYN and had a 5 day 20 hour workshop on designing instruction for the faculty. I then went to Bali to meet a poli-technical member. Afterwards, I traveled to Jakarta and did a number of workshops there at UT. On Thursday I went to the Islamic University and had a workshop there and over 200 students showed up. I then had a meeting with the USAID and finally did a couple more workshops in the Philippines at PNU and LaSalle.

How did the workshops go?

They went really well! The people were so kind and welcoming. Our differences never really came up, it was natural after a day or two. Talking there was just like talking here but the students over there were more attentive. There was a surprising number of OSU graduates and students over there. My contact at the Islamic University was an OSU graduate. One of my old students is now a fairly high level administrator in UT, it’s great! Many of them want to join research with OSU and collaborate. Overall, I was really impressed with what I saw. They are still a few years behind us, especially in technology, but you can really see the professionalization happening with the teachers. They try hard, they really do and they are receptive to new ideas.

6   1                            Dr. Stein at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

How was the travelling?

The traffic was bad as expected, but I got around. I was impressed by Garuda Airlines though, they had great service for their domestic flights.

How did you like the food?

I am a hot food eater! I loved it. I loved trying all the sambals. I never had such fresh fish before, in Bali it was an hour fresh from the ocean! I also really enjoyed Padang food, loved rendang. There was a little too much rice but that’s because I am trying to cut back on carbs.

Did you experience any culture shock?

There were a few things, like in Sumatera they ate with their hands and learning to use the little bowl of water to wash your hands. Or when the whole fish would be eaten, including the head, but for the most part I felt very welcome and the culture shock was not too bad.

What was the highlight and low light of your trip?

To be honest, there really was no low light to my trip, I loved all of it. If anything there was some language difficulty at first, but once I let them use more Indonesian and have it translated the issues were quickly resolved. The highlight of my trip was my visit to the Islamic University in Jakarta. The students there were just great. They were so much fun, so energizing. They were so happy and participated so much, it almost felt like I was in a rock concert.

Do you plan on going back?

I would love to! It was a great experience. I think there is a good possibility that I will go back which I am excited for.

IMG_5693   Workshop2                            Dr. Stein at Universitas Terbuka


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