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Meet USINTEC: Dr. Jacqueline Goodway

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Dr. Jacqueline Goodway (in the middle) with Indonesian students and faculty members of Padang State University, including Dr. Syahrial Bakhtiar (left) and Ruri Famelia (center back)

1. Could you share your academic and professional background?

I am a faculty member in the area of motor development and elementary physical education in the Kinesiology Section of the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. I received my Bs (Hons) degree from Brighton University in the UK in Sports Sciences and my Masters degree from Brighton University in Sports Injury. During my time in England I coached girl’s gymnastics at the national level and was heavily involved in coach education and sport injury. I later moved to the U.S. to pursue my PhD from Michigan State University in Motor Development and Adapted Physical Education.

During my academic career, I have received the Lolas E. Halverson Young Investigator award from the Motor Development Academy of the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the Mabel Lee Award from the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). I was inducted as a Fellow of the Research Consortium of AAHPERD. I have also served as Chair and member of the Executive Committee of the Motor Development Academy of NASPE and served on the Professional Preparation and Research Steering Committee of the National Association of Sport and Physical Education. In addition to that, I have chaired the writing of the “Active Start” national physical activity guidelines for the 0-5 year old age group.

2. Tell us about your projects in Indonesia?

My work in Indonesia is collaborative work with Ruri Famelia, a faculty member at Padang State University (Universitas Negri Padang/UNP), who is now my doctoral student and Dr. Syahrial Bakhtiar, Vice Rector for UNP

State University of Padang

We have spent the past 3 years working with the faculty of Sports Sciences at UNP on curriculum reform of their physical education, coaching and exercise science degree programs. As Indonesia is changing and facing more health challenges I am working with faculty to understand these changes and the implications to training the next generation of physical educators, coaches and exercise scientist.

 Ministry of Youth and Sport

We have worked with the Ministry of Youth and Sport in the Early Childhood division to teach them about the importance of motor development for young children. Also to begin to train them on the Successful Kinesthetic Instruction for Preschoolers (SKIP) curriculum. We have also worked with the Special Education division to talk about programming physical activity for children with disabilities.

 Ministry of Education and Culture – General Directorate of Early Childhood, Informal and Non-formal Education  

 We are planning to work with the Early Childhood area to teach them about the importance of motor development in the overall development of the child. As part of this work we will be training them on the SKIP motor skill program and showing how they can embed literacy and math skills into their motor activities.

3. What motivates you to do your projects in Indonesia?

I love working in Indonesia. People are friendly and excited to learn new things. The country and people are beautiful and I can really make a difference.

4. What are the best moments in Indonesia?

  • Working with preschoolers in Jakarta and training their teachers
  • Working with children with disabilities and training their special education teachers
  • The food
  • Karaoke
  • The beautiful countryside

5. How would you connect your projects with USINTEC’s mission of developing teacher education in Indonesia?

 I am very focused on equipping teachers with new knowledge that they can practically use in their classrooms and gymnasiums. I expect that by working together with USINTEC, we can make the world smaller. We are all facing similar challenges in my area relative to childhood obesity, decreasing levels of physical activity and motor skill competence and thus we need to come together to meet this challenge. USINTEC can bring faculty together to help understand the implications of these challenges on preparing new teachers.


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