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Prof. Dr. Hardi Suyitno, M.Pd.

prof hardi photo Hello Prof. Hardi, how have you been?

I am very well, thanks. Well, I have to admit that this weather is really fierce. But, the blessing in disguise is that I can stay in my den for hours to concentrate on my book project.

Would tell me a little bit about your project?

I am writing a book on the philosophy of mathematics. I have been teaching a core course on the subject for so many years and I feel really thankful of getting a privilege from a publisher to write a textbook for the course.

Congratulations. So, you come here at The Ohio State University for completing your book publication?

Yes. As you know that we have limited access of resources if we work in Indonesia. I am feeling very fortunate to get the funding from the Indonesian directorate of higher education to participate in Academic Mobilility Exchange that take me back to Ohio State.

It seems that it is not your first visit to Columbus?

Back in Fall 2009, I was sent here for a similar project of book writing.  At that time, I was working with Dr. Douglas Owen. It was also a very productive cooperation that enabled me to complete my book that has been published.

You have ever become a visiting scholar in Melbourne and Houston, why do you want to go to Columbus again?

Well, this is like my second home. I enjoy the public transportation very much. Every time I want to relax from my project, I just take a bus and enjoy Columbus and its surrounding area. In addition, I love the Indonesian community here. I have found my family here, both in my apartment or in the campus. However, the biggest reason is OSU’s excellent access to resources. We have abundance of books at the library and electronic journals. I also like to buy books at the book stores around campus area. There are some second hand book stores that have quality books with low prices.

With whom are you working now?

I have been working with Dr. Azita Manouchehri. I am glad to work with her since she is very helpful in giving me insights and additional resources for my project.

What is your hope for USINTEC?

As a faculty of Semarang State University (UNNES), I am amazed of the great cooperation between Ohio State and UNNES in terms of faculty exchange and sending our students for dual degree program. I am looking forward to having one of my students from mathematics education department to study here.

What is your plan after your return to Indonesia?

I want to participate in the Indonesia Focus conference in November 2014 ;)..who knows I will get a funding to visit Columbus again!

Wow, you really love Columbus, Prof. Thank you so much for your precious time.

You’re welcome.


Prof. Hardi can be contacted through his email: hhardisunnes@yahoo.com;



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